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1. Delivery Address
Name / Department / Street Address / PO BOX   (up to 3 lines)
Town / City
State / Territory
Postcode / Zipcode
Country (if not Australia)

2. Contact Details   (will assist in resolving difficulties)
Email address
Business Phone
Home Phone
Facsimile Phone
Mobile Phone

3. Volume Selection   Prices exclude the Australian G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax)
VolumeAustralia and
New Zealand rate
Number of
Printed Copies
36 (2 issues)AUD $15AUD $181998, 2000[   ]
37 (2 issues)AUD $15AUD $182001[   ]
38 (2 issues)AUD $15AUD $182002, 2003[   ]
39 (2 issues)AUD $15AUD $182006[   ]
40 (2 issues)AUD $15AUD $182007, 2011[   ]
41 (1 issue, The Judbarra / Gregory Karst, 94 pages)AUD $22AUD $252012[   ]
42 (1 issue)AUD $15AUD $182016[   ]
4. Payment Method   ASF is not registered to collect the G.S.T. and payment of G.S.T. is not required
Method(write in the total amount of payment)
Australian Personal Cheque or Bank Cheque
(payable to "Helictite" and marked "Not Negotiable")
Australia Post Money Order
(payable to "Helictite")
International Money Order in Australian Dollars
(payable to "Helictite")
Cash in Australian Dollars
(ASF takes no responsibility for cash sent via post)
Direct Deposit to Helictite bank account:
BSB 062 594
Account number 10073803
Please identify the deposit with your initials ______

5. Post this completed form and payment to:
Helictite Subscriptions
PO BOX 2277
Mount Waverley  VIC  3149

[   ]  Tick to request email confirmation when
payment has been processed.
A Receipt is sent with the posted copies.
Helictite Purchase Order Form
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