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Helictite - Journal of Australasian Speleological Research

General Information

Since its establishment in 1962, Helictite has been instrumental in raising the profile of Speleological exploration, investigation and scientific research in Australia and surrounding countries. One of only four or five similar journals in the world, it has also greatly enhanced the reputation of Australasian Speleology in the international arena.

Authors may submit scientific papers, reports, abstracts, reviews and news. This may also include comprehensive descriptive accounts of the exploration and morphology of individual caves. Authors do not need to have a scientific background to contribute; quite a number of recreational cavers have written articles of lasting significance. All articles are refereed by two Speleologists with expertise in the particular area, and edited to meet usual scientific standards. The editors will advise and assist prospective authors as necessary.

Under an agreement with the previous publishers, ownership of Helictite was transferred to the Australian Speleological Federation Inc. in 2000.

News at 19th March 2017

The first paper has now been published for inclusion in Helictite volume 43.

Fauna of a granite cave: first data from Britannia Creek Cave (3GP10-48), Wesburn, Victoria, Australia is listed on the Contents page. Free PDF downloads of the paper are available in screen preview quality and high resolution print quality.

News at 3rd February 2017

Publication of Helictite volume 42 was completed in December 2016. Free PDF downloads for each paper and the entire issue including covers is available on the Contents page.

News at 24th September 2016

All back issues of Helictite Volumes 1 to 35 are now available as scanned image PDFs. Two resolutions are provided. Screen quality is suitable for viewing on a computer monitor. Print quality is suitable for printing, and provides high quality reproduction of the original printed issue at 300 DPI resolution.

Volumes 36 onwards are available as typeset PDFs with searchable text and high quality images.

The PDF files are available as free downloads via the Contents pages.

Glenn Baddeley, Business Manager


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