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Journal of Australasian Speleological Research

ISSN 0017-9973 (Print)
ISSN 2652-483X (Online)

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Helictite publishes refereed papers, reports, abstracts, reviews and news of the scientific study of caves and their contents, including the history of caves and technical aspects of cave study and exploration.

The main geographic focus is Australasia: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the Malay Archipelago. Studies are also invited from the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

The editors welcome the submission of suitable material. Accepted papers are peer reviewed and edited as necessary. They are then published on this site as PDF files which are free to download.

Helictite commenced publication in 1962. In 2016 it moved from printed paper issues to digital download publication and free of charge.

At the end of each year the published papers and any other accepted contributions are assembled into a volume which is also free to download.

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