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NameYears lived    Helictite
Dunkley, John Robert1943 - 201844:59-66 2018Middleton, Greg; Spate, Andy5 colour photos, includes list of 19 Awards and Positions Held, list of 119 Published Works, 5 References
Glauert, Ludwig1879 - 19634(1):2 1966Lane, E.A.; Richards, A.M. (eds) 
Grimes, Kenneth George1944 - 201642:39-41 2016White, Susan2 photos
Havard, Ward L.ca1897 - 19644(3):62 1966Lane, E.A. 
Holberton, Dr Philip1935 - 202046:65-66 2021Lardner, Phillip; Holberton, Martin3 colour photos, 1 B&W photo
Jeannel, Dr. René1880 - 19654(2):24 1966Lane, E.A.; Richards, A.M. (eds) 
Jennings, Joseph N.1916 - 198422(1):2,
1984Spate, Andy; Gillieson, DaveIncludes list of 114 karst publications
Lane, Edward A.1921 - 201743:33-35 2017Dunkley, John; Lane, Susan; Lane, Harley3 photos
O'Connor, Jack- 19644(3):62 1966Lane, E.A. 
Perier, Albert J. 'Mons'ca1872 - 19644(3):63 1966Lane, E.A. 
Platten, Gerard1899 - 19708(2):48 1970Lane, E.A. 
Remy, Paul A.1894 - 19621(3):42 1963Lane, E.A.; Richards, A.M. (eds) 
Wiburd, Miss Hazel- 19644(3):62-63 1966Lane, E.A. 
Womersley, Herbert1889 - 19621(3):42 1963Lane, E.A.; Richards, A.M. (eds) 
Wray, Robert1966 - 201743:36-37 2017Houshold, Ian; assisted by members of Highland Caving Group1 photo


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