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Information for Subscribers and Purchasers

Subscriptions have ceased

Paid subscriptions have no longer been accepted since Volume 41 in 2012.

In 2016, the Journal changed its publication method to provide all papers and articles as free PDF downloads on Internet after the review and editing processes have been completed for each one.

Previously paid subscriptions for Volume 42 were honoured with a printed copy of each issue mailed to all subscribers.

Ordering printed copies

Printed copies of Volumes 36 to 42 can be ordered using the Purchase Order Form, until stocks run out.

The cost per volume includes postage. The costs exclude the Australian G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax).

ASF is not registered to collect the G.S.T. and payment of G.S.T. is not required.

Payment must be made to "Australian Speleological Federation Inc." in Australian Dollars by bank cheque, personal cheque (in association with an Australian Bank), Australian money order, international money order (in Australian Dollars), cash, or direct deposit to the ASF bank account. Payment is not accepted by credit card, charge card, or any form of international currency.

Deliveries outside of Australia are sent via air mail. A receipt is sent with the posted copies.

Please contact the Business Manager if you have any queries regarding past subscriptions, purchase orders or missing copies.

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